Styling Services Offered

I am a Texas based image consultant and personal shopper focused on building confidence and providing simple solutions to assist with body image issues, getting out of fashion ruts, dressing for a new career (or other life changes) and many other wardrobe and image needs.

I am a problem solver. My background in art and in the management of large events and non-profit organizations has given me a perspective and approach to styling that differs greatly from most personal stylists.  My services focus on the client, not on fashion and trends. I want to help you feel comfortable, inspired to get up and out, take on new challenges and to feel like your best self.

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Closet Consultation

This usually consists of me going through your closet with you while we talk about you and your activities. I generally start with asking you to show me the things that you have bought but have never worn, as this gives me a little bit of an idea of the direction you are moving towards, but need an extra hand to achieve comfortable footing. We can put a few outfits together and create looks for all of your activities, work day, fun nights and special events. 

We will: Keep it, Toss it, Tailor it or replace it. I will then design a shopping plan based on any holes you might have in your wardrobe, which you can complete yourself or with my help. This will be sent to you as part of an overall recap of your consultation.

Who does this?- This is a soft intro for those who are curious, but have never used a stylist and for those who just need to know where to get started.

Wardrobe Refresher Shopping

Do you need to update your wardrobe? Not sure where to start? After looking over your closet to see what you have and what you need, we will create a list, a budget, talk about preferred materials and schedule. I typically spend a day or two “scouting” and pulling clothes off of the sales floor at our shopping destinations. Your shopping experience will be to walk straight into fitting rooms, try on clothes and purchase! (Many of my male clients like this service because it is a very extensive, yet very swift shopping experience)

Who does this?– This is a full range start-to-finish service for those looking to revamp their look, change professions or life direction and for those who are seriously committed to getting the most out of their closet. 

Buddy Shopping

Do you already have a clear idea of what you want, but just need a second opinion or maybe a little push? It’s fun to go shopping with friends, but do you sometimes wonder if they are just being nice when you ask if your tush looks too big? I am here to offer an objective, honest and professional opinion. Once again, I focus less on style and trends and more on complementary shapes, cuts and colors. I can tell you if something isn’t working at all, or if an inch and a half shorter would hit… just the right part of your leg.

Who does this?-  This if for those who have a clear idea of what they want and just need a little support. Also great for those who want the “stylist experience” but don’t have the stylist budget.



One of the most beloved services by my clients is the quickest and cheapest!

Based on your upcoming agenda or even your mood, I will come over and show you new ways to wear what you already have. I do this as often as every 2 weeks with some clients. We simply go through your calendar and create outfits for each upcoming event, daily wear, vacations, special events or just to get out of a clothes rut.

Who does this?- Great for those who need to make an impact in their work or social endeavors. We get into the psychology of shapes, colors, the little details and the power these have subconsciously on you and those you plan to encounter. Also good for those without a shopping budget. 



You Name It

Clothing for some is a fun form of expression, for others it is an extremely frustrating puzzle, some just don’t care one way or another. Wherever you fall on the caring spectrum, the fact is; we do live in a society where first impressions stick and they are tied to what we present visually. From almost every culture throughout history, to the flora and fauna around us, visual impressions are a part of our lives, our work spaces, our cultures and communities.

There is no denying that image plays a big role in our lives. The question is… How can I help you with yours?